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Solar Leasing for NO MONEY DOWN! 

Lower your monthly utility bills by an average of 30-40% and pay nothing up front! Leasing solar panels is a cheap way to go green and save green with solar electricity.

Solar electricity creates clean, renewable energy. It's safe, easy to use and enhances the value of your home. Solar electricity leasing options feature ZERO money down and lower your monthly electric bills without having to deal with tax credits.

Call Phoenix Green Team to take advantage of 0 Down Solar Leasing at 602-363-7327.

Solar Leasing in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Green Team has provided this blog to help answer questions about solar leasing in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix Green Team are a team of independent, experienced energy consultants offering energy audits, air duct sealing, home insulation, solar window tinting and screens, solar hot water heaters, solar air conditioning and heating, tubular skylights, and photovoltaic systems or solar panels. After performing energy upgrades, your home may be eligible for green certification which will add to the overall value of your home. Check the videos, comment, share, like, email, or contact a team of experienced energy consultants today who will provide you with the cost effective energy solutions addressing your unique needs.

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